“Fantastic— thanks for all the time and effort.”

Nicholas Weber  Director  Woodstock Public Library  Woodstock, IL

“I received many verbal comments about thinking that the video was a very cool idea as a way to promote the library.”

Joe Davies MLIS, MA  Library Director  Burlington Public Library  Burlington, WI

“Very dignified video! Love it!” “The Celebrate Libraries video is great!”

Comments from Burlington Public Library Trustees

“Thanks Jon! Took a look at the video and going through some podcasts – great material. Let me know if I can introduce you to any more of our member libraries.”

Steve Ohs, Administrator  Lakeshores Library System  Waterford, WI

“How very nice! Thank you so much!”

Laurie Durham  Office Manager  Lavelle Industries, Inc.  Burlington, WI

“With it being leisurely paced, I think it works great. It’s something that parents and kids could watch together and have completely—and appropriately—separate experiences: slightly more informational for adults, more graphically entertaining for kids.”

“I quite enjoyed the videos. They succeed at being both whimsical and informative.”

Tim Gadzinski  Marketing Associate  Manitowoc Public Library  Manitowoc, WI

“This is fantastic – thank you very much!!”

Shannon Klahn  Marketing and Communication Officer  Bank First  Manitowoc, WI

“Well done! Thank you for the opportunity to feature our library through your enthusiastic and heart-felt approach to supporting libraries across Wisconsin.”

Jeff Dawson Director Lester Public Library Two Rivers, WI

“Neat! The video looks good. It’s a great way to help share the library’s story. Thank you!”

Abby Armour Director Johnson Creek Public Library