Manitowoc Public Library is a two story 52,000 square foot building overlooking the Manitowoc River’s outlet on Lake Michigan.

Manitowoc Public Library Mission Statement

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More than 33,000 people call Manitowoc, Wisconsin home. Situated at the mouth of the Manitowoc River on the western shore of Lake Michigan, the city is known as the state’s “Maritime Capitol” because of its shipbuilding tradition and the commercial shipping and fishing opportunities the location offers.

From May through October, the SS Badger ferries passengers and automobiles daily from Manitowoc Harbor to Ludington, Michigan and back. The coal-fired steamship, built in 1953, provides a four hour, 60 mile cruise — a true Great Lakes experience.

The city’s public library was founded in 1900. The current building has 52,000 square feet of space on two levels and opened on Quay Street overlooking the Manitowoc River in September 1998.

Public library video coming soon. Listen now to a two part interview with Manitowoc Public Library Director Kristin Stoeger.

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