Digital facsimiles of two medieval European illuminated manuscripts from a private Wisconsin collection were recently compiled and edited by Celebrate Libraries® to aid in scholarly research. The volumes will be exhibited at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2019.


Trending Topics and Projects

  • Digitized copies of two medieval European manuscripts have been compiled and edited  for Nashotah House, a seminary located near Delafield, WI. The original books will be exhibited at the Milwaukee Art Museum in 2019.
  • Progress continues on our La Crosse County Library and Middleton Public Library video projects and podcasts.
  • In June 2018, Celebrate Libraries® will begin working on a video project about Lester Public Library in Two Rivers, WI.

Visiting La Crosse County Library Branches

Trending In May

Celebrate Libraries® visited La Crosse County Library branches in Bangor, West Salem and Holmen, WI this week.  Audio interviews were recorded with librarians Shari Axelsen (Bangor), Deen Layland (Holmen) and Chris McArdle Rojo (Holmen).

Each of the interviewees had wonderful stories to share and we look forward to publishing the interviews in coming weeks. One example: Shari Axelsen manages the John Bosshard Memorial Library in Bangor. Shari’s grandmother was also the librarian in Bangor and Shari remembers the library as almost a second home while she was growing up.